Patriots Point

The Patriots Point Flight Academy is an in-residence immersive summer camp located in Charleston (Mount Pleasant), South Carolina. The Flight Academy combines state-of-the-art technology with a robust historical and educational setting for a truly unique experience.

Located on board the historic U.S.S. Yorktown, campers are immersed in a multi-day program that engages their teamwork and communications skills to learn and practice basic aeronautics, aviation history, math, and science.

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Immersive Story-Driven Missions

Whether steering the ship and planning the mission from the Joint Intelligence Center, controlling the traffic flow and advising pilots from the Joint Operations Center, or piloting and navigating from the Hangar Bay, students at the Patriots Point Flight Academy will have the opportunity to perform a broad array of tasks and succeed at a number of different challenges.

Student pilots will get to learn to fly the advanced F-35B in a variety of scenarios, including a dangerous science facility rescue and recovery and an exciting series of sorties against a mysterious stateless aggressor.