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TEQGames' Mission

TEQGames at Universal Studios is an Imagine Creative Technologies company, started by engineers, directors, writers, and producers of some of the most phenomenal themed attractions in the world. The core team’s rich and diverse experience with the Walt Disney Companies and NBC/Universal provides the foundation for development of learning experiences that inspire and engage teen audiences.

Inspiring Stories

We are inspired by story!

Engaging Play

We learn through play!

Immersive Learning

What does immersive learning look like? Click the play button above for a glimpse at TEQGames' FLEX student experience.

Leadership Team

John Fitzgibbon

John Fitzgibbon has designed and developed immersive, themed environments that continue to captivate and engage the imaginations of millions of people. He brings nearly 25 years of development experience in themed attractions, hotels and theme parks to his role of Chief Operating Officer of TEQGames.

Peter Thompson

As lead developer at TEQGames, Peter designs software tools for our education experiences and trains and supports educators in their use. With over ten years of game development experience, his work has found a home in museums and classrooms around the country.


Our University Collaborators

We want to produce the best experiences for our Audience – the Learner! TEQGames’ strong roots in entertainment design provides a foundation upon which we can engineer and develop Simulations, Animations, and Immersive Learning (SAIL) experiences. However, our key to success is in our equally important background in collaborative development work. The entertainment business, while fiercely competitive, is also highly collaborative. We join forces with the best in the business to deliver second to none experiences to our guests.

Nowhere is this more important than in the Learning Experiences of K-12, the most formative years our learning development. In order to meet those challenges, we team with University Partners who provide the strong educational program leadership to ensure that our Learning Experiences achieve the educational goals of students. We continue to grow our current educational program partnerships, and expand our University level collaboration to achieve the goal of transforming the Learning Experience.

Current active University Partnerships include:

Previous program development partners have included MIT Media Lab, Full Sail University, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and the University of Central Florida, among others.